About the Village

About the Village

What you should know about our location in. The Village of Oak Creek – Sedona, AZ

“The Village” is an unincorporated part of Sedona, located in Yavapai County

You can hike to Bell Rock “a Vortex”, the Chapel of the Holy Cross, Cathedral Rock “a Vortex”, Chicken Point “one of the stops on the Pink Jeep, Broken Arrow Tour”, and to the banks of Oak Creek from the Cozy Cactus.

Golf Courses – three out of the four Sedona golf courses are here in “The Village”.

Restaurants - Several “very good” restaurants are within walking distance. Cucina Rustica, perhaps the best restaurant in the area, is just over a mile up the road; others are just a few minutes away by foot. (Like three to seven minutes)

Scenery - The scenic 10 minute drive between us and the touristy part of Sedona is really pretty!

Biking - Bike and Bean, for your biking adventure, is within a short walk as well. (10% off for Cozies)

Shopping - Shops and the local grocery store, which has a nice selection of adult beverages, are also within walking distance. Most guests elect to drive, so they can get back to the Cozy Cactus patio ASAP with their purchases.