About the InnKeepers

DSC_0194[2]Have you ever woken-up thinking, “what am I doing with my life?” well we did, and what happen next?  We bought a B&B in amazing Sedona.  We were living in Mesa, Arizona – Mark (originally from Pittsburgh, PA, but moved to Scottsdale, AZ in the 60′s) was writing an American History Book, after spending time as a Social Studies High School Teacher, Carrie (originally from Las Cruces, NM, but moved to Tempe, AZ in the 70′s) was traveling the friendly skies full-time (this was before baggage charges, thank goodness) as an Oracle and then SAP Solution Engineer; it was time for a change!  We (ok it was Carrie) went on the internet, searched on “Sedona B&B for sale”, up came the Cozy Cactus……………..and the rest is history.  Our lovable Margarita Rox (lab-mix) has passed on, but we are planning on a new lab-mix puppy “Tequila” in 2014 (stay tuned).