A hot and hearty delicious 3-course breakfast served 6 days out of 7.  Family style (8:30 and all together) so you get to share stories with other wonderful and fun cozy guests
Breakfast consists of: SEE PICTURES BELOW (but make sure you've eaten lately....or you might get hungry)
  • Freshly baked muffins or scones, fresh fruit, hot entree (we alternate between sweet and savory) with assorted side dishes 
  • Fresh ground coffee, tea and an assortment of juices
  • If you are leaving early or can't make breakfast we can provide you with a continental the night prior (with notice please)
Take-Out Tuesday -  (the one day we don't serve our 3-course breakfast) - Your options:  continental breakfast (provided the night before) – or $15.00 off per person – or Cozy Cactus mug or hat; many guests want to get away early for a Grand Canyon day trip, or sunrise balloon ride or an early hike, so Tuesday is the perfect day........also "Take-Out Tuesday" is a way for us to remain invigorated for the next 25 years.